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WebCodeGenie is a top-notch digital solutions provider boasting a team of proficient and skilled PHP programmers who deliver unparalleled web development services. Our expertise in PHP programming and frameworks enables us to develop robust and interactive websites using agile methodologies. Trust us to provide secure and exciting business solutions with the help of our best PHP developers.


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Developing web applications for eCommerce using backend languages like PHP is a task that requires experience and expert knowledge. With WebCodeGenie, you can get developers with many years of experience in coding and developing dynamic and flexible web applications using the latest frameworks. WebCodeGenie is a high-rated PHP web development company in the USA and has the best PHP developers from all over the world to give you a global outlook on your projects. Our full range of services is extended for all medium and large enterprises at optimal cost with entirely handwritten codes and a customizable user interface. Being a top-rated website development company, we guarantee a futuristic digital experience with secure back-end systems.

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Create scalable and robust web and mobile applications using the most popular PHP framework to establish a solid brand-customer relationship and gain a competitive edge. At WebCodeGenie, our expert developers, who have been working with PHP and Laravel frameworks for years, provide valuable insights for your project. With 50+ versatile PHP projects up and running, our PHP programmers have fully mastered a range of PHP frameworks and CMSs.

We develop scalable, robust, seamless, and flexible applications across various platforms to help you target the maximum range of customers with your apps. Our team of developers works with you to engineer phenomenal applications integrating your specific needs and ideas and developing robust, responsive, and high-speed performance applications.

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PHP App Development Services With WebCodeGenie

Global PHP Development Services with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Being the top PHP development company in the USA, WebCodeGenie has a fantastic team of PHP developers and talented programmers. Hire a PHP programmer from our team of high-rated developers and save both time and money for in-house setup. All of the applications developed by our team are highly flexible and secure, with PHP back-end technology having elegant Laravel frameworks. The codes are entirely handwritten and support a variety of sub-servers and multiple platforms. As a result, you can get high-speed, intuitive, and feature-rich applications developed for your eCommerce business, letting your customers experience a robust and fast digital experience. Our dedicated team of developers builds high-performance elite applications with handwritten codes and fully customizable features with vast experience in PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, AJAX, and other related technologies.

Hire PHP Developers

WebCodeGenie has been working as a highly reputable PHP web development company globally and is widely known for web development and design services using PHP and Laravel. We have an organized working system that helps our developers work in a free and creative environment and helps them finish projects quickly. Our developers and programmers are also very interactive and keep you updated with the app development process with weekly reports. We also have a fantastic team that primarily focuses on the Laravel framework giving us the title of a high-rated Laravel app development company.

PHP Development
What you get when you choose WebCodeGenie

Why choose our PHP Development Services?

Compatibility With Various Platforms

Compatibility With Various Platforms

WebCodeGenie develops web and mobile applications that support and carry out cross-platform functions.

Extremely Secure And Scalable

Extremely Secure And Scalable

Our team of developers integrates extremely secure codes for your applications and program them to be highly scalable.

Highly Interactive Developing Teams

Highly Interactive Developing Teams

Our team of developers engage you in the development process and provide weekly progress reports.

Affordable Prices For Services

Affordable Prices For Services

WebCodeGenie offers services at an optimal price according to the complexity of the applications developed.


Their Words, Our Success: Client Testimonials

James Roling

We decided to partner with Webcodegenie and work with their developers directly for our customers. We had a partnership with Webcodegenie for over 5 years, and we have completed more than 20 projects together. Whenever we have a project or client whose requirements are not fulfilled in-house we have a tech partner standing always on our backside to help us. Their team is well organized and well structured.



The WCG team has been great to work with. They are reliable, knowledgeable and do whatever it takes to make a project successful. Whatever the task, they pull in the right people to make it happen, so you're never locked in to one person putting your long-term goals at risk. Thank you WCG team!

Gary Walker

I'd like to say a few words about the Webcodegenie crew. We've been working on small and large websites together, and they've all been developed with high quality and in a timely manner; I'm very pleased with the results of the projects we've been working on together. Their dedicated web developer was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and communicative. Overall, the team was a pleasure to work with.

Web Development

Drew Gilkey

WebCodeGenie is a top-notch team which employs a structured agile programming process in their development. Amazing people and helpful. The team is friendly and easy to work with and always produce a good project experience. Besides the team being great, they are fast and efficient, met my deadlines and produced a great final product. I would recommend WebCodeGenie to anyone that is looking for software development. Their price is competitive, and the quality of their work is exceptional.

Bradon Smith

I've been working with Webcodegenie for the past two years to design and develop mobile applications for my clients. I am quite pleased with their services. They have outperformed my expectations. They have always been there, willing to assist us whenever we needed them. Our experience with Webcodegenie has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Web Development

Salvador Ocana

Having worked with WebCodeGenie for a few years, I am very impressed with their seemingly endless knowledge of Development and Project management, and especially how quickly they complete the sprints and every project within the set timeframe. Lines of communication are excellent, and they always do exactly what they say they will. My personal project was a couple of Software applications, WebCodeGenie completed the projects to my specifications and also provided the necessary specialized Support to continue to improve and implement new ideas.

Daniela Cordes

I would like to thank the entire team of Webcodegenie for helping us with our real estate management software. We had a very short time to complete our target and make an initial level product where the entire team came up with a lot more cooperation and worked hard to speed up the entire process. They designed and developed very user-friendly software. Thank you Webcodegenie for making this a great experience.

Michael Carruth

Michael Carruth

Our firm had struggled a lot to rescue our software development process. Initially, we were resistant to outsourcing the entire project because of its complexity and Industry knowledge. After doing a meeting with the Project Manager at WebCodeGenie, we have decided to move the entire product development to them. Our SDLC was never managed this efficiently before.

Yuvraj Sisodia

Yuvraj Sisodia

We used Webcodegenie to build a custom calculator. Our experience from start to finish was excellent. The entire staff is very professional and knowledgeable. There was constant communication and updates throughout the project which made the entire process simple and facile. We would highly recommend Webcodegenie.


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