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What Is ECMAScript?

ECMAScript is a specification for a scripting language that ECMA International has standardized. It has been reissued nine times since first published in June 1997. ECMAScript's primary goal is to unify scripting languages for JavaScript and other programming languages. This specification is mainly used for client-side scripting in web development, but it also serves as a specification for NodeJS-based server-side applications and services.

ECMAScript Applications Development Company

JavaScript remains the industry's most widely used programming language. With each successive ECMAScript version, JavaScript gets elevated to a new level. When you partner with WebCodeGenie, you gain access to our specialists' expertise in JavaScript, including everything from ES6 and beyond. We cover all aspects of the subject, from basic to advanced. In addition, you have our support as you build a viable application using the JavaScript framework of your choice. WebCodeGenie will assist you and your team in utilizing the significant features of both JavaScript and ECMAScript to ensure web page compatibility across many web browsers. Our code-intensive programming services provide you with hands-on experience developing an application from the ground up in ECMAScript. WebCodeGenie has grown into a global organization, serving clients worldwide. Our experts remain dedicated to providing our clients with the best services possible.

What Is ECMAScript

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ECMAScript Development Services

ECMAScript Development Services

WebCodeGenie has been developing cutting-edge software solutions for businesses in different verticals, including information technology/telecommunications, real estate, warehousing/logistics, retail and wholesale, loyalty, event ticketing, and marketing for over a decade. We, moreover, specialize in online application architecture for businesses and enterprises and full-stack web development.

However, WebCodeGenie would not exist without the support of its loyal clients. Thus, WebCodeGenie projects enable our clients' businesses to swiftly develop a foundation with the assistance of a product manager, lead developer, and senior designer. Unlike other companies, our company's speed, experience, expertise, and flexibility are unparalleled. Once we got the project, our experienced programmer hit the ground running and began contributing immediately.

Hire ECMAScript Developers

We have a team of talented and enthusiastic full-stack developers specializing in front-end development using JavaScript and ECMAScript. Additionally, they have extensive experience developing mobile applications using React Native and are experts in dynamic languages like javascript, Python, Ruby, and PHP. They've earned trust for efficiency and effective communication due to their expertise in working with highly collaborative teams that employ Agile methodology. Additionally, they write lucid, extendable, and well-tested code. Moreover, our developers are bright, self-motivated, and receptive. They immerse themselves in the industry, blend seamlessly with the team, understand the vision, and deliver top-notch results.

We are known for providing the best next-gen ECMAScript and JavaScript solutions.

Why to Choose WebCodeGenie?

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Our ECMAScript solutions are scalable, secure, and innovative, tailored to your needs.

Agile Procedure

Agile Procedure

The Agile approach and regular scrum events help optimize your processes and techniques.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team of JavaScript developers experienced in developing high-end business applications.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We offer the optimal blend of low rates and excellent quality to ensure you get the best of our services.


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