Web 2.0 Development

What is Web 2.0 not a new technology or not a latest version of the Internet. it’s a concept, an approach to developing web solutions that lays emphasis on active participation and interaction among people. The idea is to allow people to become active contributors to websites.Web 2.0 offers the web as a platform of services wherein applications and people can easily interact to collaborate and share information.

The static nature of website design & development has changed over the past some years and the period of web 2.0 has announced the arrival of social web applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and web portals which facilitate information sharing and collaboration.

Web 2.0 Development is done using technologies like php , AJAX, jQuery etc. For better interaction, usability and for increasing speed, we use asynchronous data transfer between the server and the client.

Our aim is to use the online medium in an efficient manner so that you can connect with your target audiences easily as well as reduce customer acquisition lead times and customer service costs

Every website we create is 100% customized and hand-coded from the ground-up by our in-house team of developers. Our projects meet the exact specifications of your business, your objectives and your budget. No cookie-cutter templates; no out-of-the-box solutions.

From user point of view, Web 2.0 is often regarded as participatory Web compared to Web 1.0 which is considered Web-as-information-source. Web 2.0 websites have been made by Ajax programmers allow the user to do more than just retrieve information.

WebCodeGenie Technology PVT LTD has wide experience in Web 2.0 software development, Ajax web development and Ajax consulting. Our experts have delivered social networking solutions and Ajax-based rich media projects

WebCodeGenie offer various Services and Applications Related to Web 2.0

  • Website Conceptualization , Development & Testing

  • Creative & User Interface Designing

  • xHTML & Flash Development

  • Development of Advanced Backends to Manage Site

  • Site Optimization & Site Maintenance

  • Social Networking Sites

  • User Generated Content Sites

  • Video Sites (Including Our Own Video Publishing System)

  • Online Publishing Systems , Blogs , Forums, Social Bookmarking Sites.

  • Facebook & Open Social Applications

Web 2.0 promotes viral marketing. Websites that follow the web 2.0 techniques and practices attract greater exposure resulting in an increase in site traffic.

Benefit of web 2.0 web application development

  • Web 2.0 has provided new user interface to think differently and uniquely for each client

  • Forums help to find theme based, like-minded people and organization

  • Tagging features with the sites help you organize, maintain, and find sites easily

  • Advance level Security of information.

  • Web 2.0 methodologies for comprehensive business solutions with fault-tolerance operational base

  • High traffic with good return on investment

  • Iterative development approach supports rapid release software cycles

  • Open source social software where users can promote self-service advertising

  • Blog publishing has become more easier and flexible.

  • Simple navigation structure with site maps and RSS syndication

  • Web 2.0 applications empower users to create, publish and share content over the web. Services such as blogs etc enables users to generate and publish content.

  • Interactive User Experience: Websites that have simple and easy to use interfaces.

  • Networking: Web 2.0 applications enable the creation and promotion of online social networking communities.

WebCodeGenie Technology PVT LTD has over 3 years experience in Web 2.0 design platforms including social networking sites, user generated content sites, video sites online publishing systems, blogs, forums, social bookmarking sites, facebook & open social applications and much more.

Our team is capable of creating widgets, social networking websites, blogs, wikis and Intranets using web 2.0 development methodologies and corresponding server implementations using server side languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails .Our highly skilled team of professionals can offer you web 2.0 development services that you would have never experiences before.

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