Why we choose WordPress for Content Based Website and Corporate Websites

Why we choose WordPress for Content Based Website and Corporate Websites

Being a Web Development Service provider, we used to have a great pressure on us which framework we have to take to keep giving the best Return on Investment to stakeholder who is spending “X” amount on that project.

Discussing about website maintaining only content or corporate website these days we are having only one name i.e. WordPress. Launched on 2003, WordPress is enjoying a kind of monopoly on this section. Even keeping this section behind these days WordPress is becoming first choice of even non-blogging websites.

So, let’s discuss why everybody is moving ahead with WordPress, I wish this information will help you get the best information.

Easy to use:

WordPress’s admin panel is the best example of how a system Admin one should have and how we can give the best Admin panel for even a non-tech savvy guy. WordPress is giving the best option to do below points:

  • Adding new pages
  • Adding blog posts
  • Update media
  • Update plugins…. Many more

Can manage website from anywhere in the world:

Providing a web based admin panel, WordPress is helping Admin user to manage the website from anywhere in the world. He only needs to know the username and password of the Admin Panel.

No HTML and FTP knowledge required:

Being a self-contained system, WordPress used to manage all of the HTML itself and Admin user doesn’t have to be an expert in anything above. Editor that WordPress is providing used to manage everything in the website when it comes to HTML. If you think you need some more help you can always contact Graphic Designer for this

Loved by Search Engines:

Search Engines always love WordPress based website because it is having very clean and simple code behind which is helping Search Engines to index the pages. Having an option of providing Meta Tag Keyword, Description, title, etc… for each page is helping the website to get updated on search engines. For better result in SEO you must contact service provider who used to provide Internet Marketing Services

Complete control on website:

Using WordPress you don’t have to wait for your website developer partner to some extent. Adding new content and adding new images is no bigger task in Website. But for more changes you need to contact your developer but completing some major stuffs we need a team who provides PHP Web Development services.

100% customizable design:

Although you need a Web Design Service provider to customize the design but up to some extent WordPress is providing relevant help in Admin panel

A long list of Plugins in WordPress plugin Market:

In WordPress plugin market, you can easily find plugin that will help you to accomplish your goal in functionality. WordPress plugin always have an option to customize it which can be done with the help of PHP Web Development Service provider

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