Some points on new “Google Algorithm’s Update” that you might need to know

If we throw some light on the buzzes that are there in market, we will be able to find a buzz regarding Mobile-Friendly Updates made by Google on 21st April, 2015. In-fact these are not only buzzes but these are bits and pieces of information on which we can relay. If we go in more depth in this update then we will find that these updates are done for the search from mobile devices or browsers.

Now if we lift curtains from the reason of this update, we will see only one word “Era”. This is an “Era” of Smart Phones; everyone is holding a smart phone with best internet speed, everyone is searching from Mobile instead of waiting the desktop to boot and connect to the internet. So, now as Google’s main model is to share the most relevant information with most relevant content, I am sure Google will never miss this chance to improve its user experience.

Going more deeper on this update, if we compare both Non-Mobile Friendly or Non-Mobile-Optimized Website and A Mobile Friendly or A Mobile-Optimized Website, Non-Mobile Optimized website will give you less comfort in user experience in compare to Mobile Optimized websites, OOPS Google will never tolerate that.

Let me take you to some of the points that you might be interested in knowing:

User will get Mobile Friendly Websites on top

As we have discussed above and we know that main business model of Google is to give the best user experience, this algorithm will show user-friendly websites first in the list. This will give user a mobile friendly websites and easy to access content.

Find your website Mobile Optimized or get your business a New Mobile Site

First of all, I would like to share that Mobile Optimized Websites and Mobile Sites are two different things. Mobile Optimized Website is a result of some tricky work from Web Designers while Mobile Site is a complete new designed website especially for mobile.

So, pick your phone and check your website in your phone. If you can read the content or access the website easily without scrolling it, then wait for some new leads from Mobile Users, if not, please invest in your online business and don’t miss a single lead from mobile browsers.


Coming to conclusion, 21st April, 2015 might become a turning point for the flow of lead generation for business and improving experience for the user of Google. Now for me it is more interesting to see how many business owners will come forward and stand with this Google Update and keep their ranking improved or keep their ranking maintained.

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