In hotels no more Reservations, you need to buy tickets

To earn more profit from dining room facility, which method is best?

It’s an Everlasting Question that each restaurant owner(s) faces, as every method has its own pros and cons that we need to take care of. Reservation is a universal way that every owner(s) will think first. But if we take our neck from “Reservations” there are many other ways to earn some good profit from our dining rooms and to manage our policies that include Prepaid Tickets.

Prepaid ticket system is not new in the market; many of exclusive hotels are using this to manage the meals and to provide best service to the customers that they are having. Basically in Ticket System restaurant owner(s) will fix meals in fixed price and sell that package as ticket which includes all taxes and other charges. Tickets are used to be online before some days and some weeks for a limited time of period and customer will purchase the ticket to get the meal from that particular date or day.

Now let’s discuss Advantages and Dis-advantages of Ticketing System


  • It gives a fixed amount to customer which helps him to manage his budget.
  • It allows restaurant staffs to anticipate who is coming and what would be the best to way to serve them with best cost effective way.
  • It allows restaurant to earn money in advance and to manage the profit in the best way.
  • It works best with small restaurant in which they can manage the environment if they knew how many customers coming.
  • It minimizes most of worry of how much they have to cook and with this they can earn some more profit.
  • It helps an estimated 250,000 restaurants that have no reservation policies in their restaurants.


  • It creates an issue when customer will cancel the ticket and there will be refund.
  • Customer can easily book the seat by calling restaurant between their working hours with paying @25 per person as deposit via credit card.
  • Some customers don’t feel comfortable with paying in advance until and unless they know about the restaurants.

Michael is running a small restaurant with dining room, a well set environment. He had been using reservation system from long time and had been frustrated with the number of cancellation with last minute, resulting in as much as 15 percent of his table going empty.

Now as he is using “Ticket System” for his restaurant, Michael saves money for no-shows. With this saving he is providing discounts and some gifts for his customers and is earning good profit.

Ticket Management System that Michael is having right now is costing him much and not having more rights to manage his accounts not be able to get more. So what is the best way to get out of this rid, we are sure you are thinking of his own Ticketing Management System in which he will be able to manage his tickets and his meals and his schemes and all other things. Adding to this he will be looking forward for an application which gives him an option to some of their staff members to decide the tickets and to decide the meals in a ticket.


Seems, reservation system that we are having a traditional way to earn something good from dining room is fading away and many other options like “Ticket System” and “Mobile Application” are taking place of it. In this blog we had discussed about Ticket System and shared some Pros and Cons of it, we will discuss about Mobile Application in our next blog which will share some other ways to earn some more profit instead.

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