Important Aspects in Developing Internet of Things

In this modern world and in 22nd century some of our internet analyst and hi-tech users helped IoT things to be on the next level….

Internet of Things aka IoT will be next inspirational thing in almost all sector of business whether it is Real Estate, Information and Technology Sector, Health Industry or even educational sector. We are not saying this almost all Researchers have shared this thing in there blogs or in their interviews. If you don’t know about the Internet of Things than I would like to share that in Internet of Things we used to provide a unique identification number adding to the sensor to them which will help them to communicate between other external system which lies under same network area.

In other words IoT is the connection between two physical devices, integrated with some inbuilt sensors and connectivity, providing the high value of service by exchanging data with manufacturer and other connected physical equipment.

If we believe on the results on survey of some re-owned organizations, there will be around 20 billion devices having the facility of Internet on Things by 2020. Throwing some light in the past, there is huge increase in the number of the equipment having this facility in it and can be connected through internet. The best example in this is connection between TV and Mobile.

As today’s discussion topic is IoT, let’s discuss some aspects of IoT which need to be taken care of before moving ahead with developing application with IoT feature:

Connection Approach

This will be the most brainstorming topic while developing an app and developing a feature of connectivity in an application as we need to cover all the important points like limitations of the hardware and a unique way to establish a connection between hardware and application. We always need to take care of this approach in the starting of developing an application as if we keep it in on later stage then it will be a tedious task for developers and for the application also.

Permission of Equipment manufacturer

As our application will run on some pre-defined platform so we have to take permission in the way of licensing from Original Equipment Manufacturer. For an example, if we are going to develop an application for iOS, iOS provider Apple is maintaining different segments for its developers group and its manufacturer group. If you are able to manage the license from Apple in this case you will be able to access some hardware of Apple and at the same time Apple will provide you some internal information.

Programming Protocols to IoT

Every platform in application development field had introduced a piece of code named External Accessory Framework. If we discuss about Apple or Android, every big platforms are providing this code. Now if we discuss about the use of this framework then we will find found that this piece of code will help us to manage the data between any hardware and mobile application. In other word it will help external hardware to share the request of working with particular mobile. These protocols will also help the mobile application to check the appropriateness of the connectivity with the IoT device.

In this modern world and in 22nd century some of our internet analyst and hi-tech users helped IoT things to be on the next level. Internet Analyst have created a clear vision and clear strategies to move ahead with this concept and shared the factors which will help the developers to connect the devices and mobile application. WebCodeGenie Technology PVT LTD and its team always help Information and Technology sector share some innovative and help the client to aware them with the innovations taking place in this world.

We are armed with a battalion of developers and professionals which are having an experience in developing application for IoT

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