How to Manage Clients on your own CRM

How to Manage Clients on your own CRM

Chris runs a business for organizing events and get-together of CEO’s and Service Provider. In events organized by him service providers will be able to share their services to CEO’s and can generate business. As event needs some money, Chris creates money by sponsorship from Service Providers.

As time passes, Chris got some new clients and some new service providers and now he is having problems in managing both the data, especially financial transactions of sponsorship.

Certainly Chris will need a stable CRM, so we’ll want to suggest some of available, but now Chris is having unwanted columns and unwanted process which makes him annoy and taking more time to entering information of CEO’s and Service Providers both. Which force him to think about his own CRM to manage all the things, right?

Managing Clients with our Own CRM

Since all the available CRMs are designed in such a way that it gives some fields and some features that might be of no use and even these CRMs are expensive too. Chris tried to find out CRM’s as per his requirement but he failed. On the same time Clients and Service Providers were also increasing day by day.

Comparison: Some of available CRM’s

If we notice, all are paid and have limitation (Even we are paying). But Chris knows what he needs and what will be needed to develop his own CRM, this is a great this thing for him. This means, we can certainly help him by providing a CRM that fulfill only his needs and which will manage all of his transactions.

What we can take most of from our CRM


Through CRM we can manage all the data that are needed mostly. So, instead of searching again and again we can upload those data in CRM and can access those data even from other sources if we are not carrying our Laptop.


Through CRM we can manage clients or customers also, a new customer will be created in CRM and all the details will be saved that are related to him. As required by Chris we can give some more options that we need to add.


Orders details will be saved in our CRM, as it will be a custom based CRM for Chris, Chris will have a complete flexibility to keep the number of fields and relations of fields with customers and to Chris himself

Financial Transaction:

This will be another facility for Chris, he can also add a section using which he will be able to create some new invoice and will be able to send invoice to Service Providers and send the link to pay online through payment gateway

Event Management:

As the main business of Chris is to organize an event, so he will be able to manage the events too, adding to this he will also be able to manage the number of users that had attended the events.

Reports Management:

For better growth of the business we should keep the track of the work that has been done, like how many customers are new and how many service providers are new. What events have been done and many things.


Coming to conclusion of this article, even though there is no such CRM available that matches each business, we can build one for you and business owner like Chris, because this will be a onetime investment for you but it will help you to manage your business process, manage your clients and Yes! Using reports you will be able to plan for the future.

If you or any of your known needs CRM like this, we will be pleased to serve. You can contact me at

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