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Written By Maharshi Patel Sr. Project Coordinator

Scrum: Agile Project Management Transformation

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May 3, 2023
Scrum: Agile Project Management Transformation
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The term ‘Scrum’ is picked from Rugby but is commonly used in project management. Scrum is an agile project management framework for teams to efficiently organize their resources and deliver the final product. There are many agile project management methodologies to choose from, and scrum is one of them.

This approach is suitable for complicated projects where teams need to adapt to changes frequently. You should learn more about scrum methodology to deliver high-quality products within the timeframe and boost productivity. This article will cover the basics of scrum project management. Let’s get started.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is an evolution of agile project management and refers to cross-functional teams led by a scrum master. The deliverable is broken down into bite-sized chunks, each of which is called a sprint. Every sprint is a variation of the final product that the team can deliver to the product owner if required.

Everyone in the process has different roles and uses various tools that we will introduce you to in a bit. During the process, the priorities can be changed depending on the demands of the product owner.

What are the Roles in Scrum?

Three roles are crucial for a scrum team. They are the product owner, scrum master, and development team. Here is a quick overview of the roles.

Product Owner

This role represents the needs and interests of end users. Product owners decide what the team should provide to the business and when the delivery is due. They also prioritize the goals of the development team. A good product owner usually does the following.

  • Guides the development team on deliverables and timeframes
  • Maintain communication between the end-user and the development team
  • Updates priorities based on business and customer needs

Scrum Master

The scrum master is responsible for maintaining the efficiency and compliance of the development team. Their key responsibilities are organizing resources for the team, intercepting barriers, and eliminating any roadblocks during the process. They also work as a bridge between the product owner and the development team. For a good scrum team, a scrum master handles the following.

  • Keeps the team up-to-date on the deliverables and timeframe for the sprint
  • Organizes team meetings and necessary sprint events
  • Coaches the development team about the methodology and monitors the efficiency
  • Maintains communication with the product owner to keep up with changed demands

Development Team

Scrum project management methodology uses cross-functional teams with designers, developers, testers, Ops engineers, and other professionals. Each team member brings a specific skill set to the table to achieve the goal. And they cooperate to overcome any bottleneck during the process. According to Jeff Bezos, a good scrum team should be able to share two pizzas comfortably. They will have the following responsibilities.

  • Collaborate with teams and individuals to complete the sprint
  • Comply with the best practices and self-organize resources
  • Deliver the highest-quality product at the end of the sprint

scrum development process

What are the Core Values of Scrum?

Five core values are crucial in agile project management scrum to achieve success in any project. Check them out.


To develop a fantastic product, scrum teams should always be open about their progress and obstacles. Instead of downplaying, openness ensures the teams are collaborative and productive.


There is no place for multitasking in scrum methodology. To ensure the highest productivity, teams focus on completing the current task to complete the sprint on time. There are no distractions during the project, so the methodology ensures more efficient teams.


Projects can often be ambitious, and the scrum team should have the courage to commit to the work required. To be more specific, the team should withstand the immense pressure in each sprint.


Delivering the best product should be the team’s commitment, not just completing the sprint. This value inspires scrum masters and development teams to determine what they call the product’s vertex.


All parties should have mutual respect to achieve tremendous success. Development teams should abide by the instructions of the product owner and the scrum master. Similarly, the product owner and the scrum master should listen to the development teams’ needs regardless of the position of team members.

What are the Principles of Scrum Methodology?

Agile scrum methodology has three principles for completing projects successfully. Be familiar with these principles.


Being transparent about every aspect of the project is crucial in the scrum. In the work environment, the product owner, scrum master, and the development team should have regular meetings about the progress and barriers of the project. Scrum project management software helps teams avoid miscommunication.


It is more like reviewing the project’s progress from time to time. Multiple reflection points can be scattered throughout the project or sprint so that teams can use these reviews for better estimation. It helps teams complete projects more efficiently and accurately.


Whenever necessary, teams need to reprioritize tasks. The instruction comes from the product owners, and the teams should shift their focus to achieve the new deliverable. Scrum management software helps teams keep track of the adaptation.

What are the Benefits of Scrum Methodology?

The Scrum methodology benefits a wide range of industries, including web development. Here is a list of benefits you can expect from this methodology.

  • During each sprint, teams can concentrate on a smaller chunk, which allows them to scale the deliverable.
  • The process is iterative and flexible. So it becomes easier to meet customer expectations.
  • Every deliverable is a variation of the final product, so the product can be launched earlier.
  • Scrum improves the efficiency of development teams and brings more revenue to the business.
  • Any changes go through multiple entities, so the risk of error is reduced in this method.

most used agile frameworks


Scrum for project management is a highly effective methodology for achieving goals on time. In this method, teams break down the deliverable into portions and complete the portions within a sprint. Scrum project management tool is used to keep track of the sprint, resources, deliverables, and barriers. Teams meet regularly to identify those barriers and self-organize resources for the best productivity.

Maharshi Patel
Written By Maharshi Patel Sr. Project Coordinator

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