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Node.js Vs Python; which is the Best for Web and Mobile Development?

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August 22, 2022
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Node.js serves as a server-side platform that has been developed on Google Chrome’s Javascript Engine. With its help, developers can create a data-intensive real-time web application. Written on Java Script it allows applications to run on numerous operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. It provides a large ecosystem of open-source libraries and cleans source code that allows scalable and fast development services. Node.js developer India can assist you to create scalable, highly performing, innovative solutions and provide a competitive edge over the competition. Node.js application development would be helpful for you.

While Python is an object-oriented programming language that helps developers to develop dynamic web applications. Its syntax and dynamic typing characteristics make it an ideal programming language for scripting. It allows readability, high scalability, and fast development. It is an open-source app development platform having highly productive libraries making development easier and more efficient. Python development India is a leading mobile app development company in the world that can assist you with mobile application development.

Node.js Vs Python

As for comparison, it is difficult to choose between Node.js Vs Python as Python and Node.js app development is ideal. Some of their characteristics are discussed here.


When we talk about Node.js performance; it provides compatibility with multitasking. It does not halt server performance as built on the fastest JavaScript engine. It easily can handle the flow of large data.

While Python’s performance is not as fast and smooth as Node.js. It halts the speed and is not compatible with working parallelly but provides fast application development.

Curve of Learning

If you are familiar with the basics of Java script then the Node.js learning curve is not hard. Some people got stuck to follow the steps of installation and documentation due to the event-driven programming concept of Node.js.

While Python is easy to understand. It has a simple syntax and small-length code for app development than any other programming language.

Community Support

Node.js serves with a large active community that has highly experienced and skilled users. On Github, Node.js has marked 23.4 Fork and 87.4K Star characterized it as an effective community. This community helps you out for Node. Js application development.

Python is an old programming language having a globally active community of developers that can help you out if you got stuck in app development. On Github, it has 23.1K Fork and 44.7K Star.

Handling Error

In Node.js app development; you can easily handle and solve errors and even fix bugs as it provides multitasking features.

While Python does not provide multitasking but has the simplest code and syntax which is convenient for solving error handling problems.


An application’s scalability must be maintained for developing its server-side part. It uses a single thread to manage non-blocking I/O calls. The scalability in Node.js application development is worth avoiding as it gives easy horizontal and vertical scalability to an application. It gives scalability on numerous servers but improves performance on a single server.

Multithreading is required to have a scalable application. While Python is not allowing multithreading as it uses Global Interpreter Lock. Therefore; Node.js scalability is the best as compared to Python as it gives options to have multiple tasks simultaneously.

Python gives the option of one task at a time which causes difficulty while working on a large app creation project.


Node.js app development is being used widely as it is based on JaveScript and provides both front-end and back-end development. Node. Js uses mobile apps, desktop apps, IoT solutions, and cloud solutions.

On the flip side, python has easy readability that is ideal for any platform for app development except mobile app development. In addition, it is highly recommended by Python development India for cloud and IoT app development.

Top Applications Develop with Node.Js

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Paypal
  • LinkedIn

Top Applications Develop with Python

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Quora

When to Choose Node.Js?

Node.js developer India highly recommends scalable applications as it has been completely created with the help of Chrome’s Javascript runtime environment. Moreover, it provides great speed and performance in creating Real-time apps, high-load apps, e-commerce, and many others.

When to Choose Python?

Being the oldest programming language with extensive libraries it gives full support to testing tools like web framework works, data analytics tools, and many others. It entertained the largest ecosystem in the whole programming community. You can use it if you want an application built in the field of Big Data, AI/ML, and GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Haresh Vidja
Written By Haresh Vidja Tech Lead

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