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Written By Nitesh Keshvala iOS - Team Lead

Latest trends in mobile app development for 2024

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July 4, 2024
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With millions app available in the marketplace every year, new ones being launched quite frequently, it’s obvious that the mobile market is heavily competitive. People- young, middle-aged and old are often on their phones hundreds of times a day, spending hours of screen time doing one thing or the other. If you’re involved in the mobile app industry, whether as a developer, marketer or as an ideation expert, staying in touch with the latest trends will aid your journey in staying ahead of the times. Here at Webcodegenie we already have provided the details about what trends can be optimized to cut off your competitor.

As of 2024, there have been rapid changes in the mobile app development industry. Mobile app user experience is getting more demanding than ever before. To this end, mobile apps have to keep getting better or app owners might start losing their audience to competitors. Therefore, understanding and leveraging the latest trends in mobile app development for 2024 could mean using scarce resources to deliver user-specific solutions that are direct, trendy and value-packed.

To be successful in the mobile app development industry, take note of these latest trends for 2024. Being one of the first to provide or leverage these trends could be the game-changer in your business:

1.) Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Mobile apps development now leverages the awesome power of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to sort out challenges that might not have been possible otherwise. While Virtual Reality creates virtual environments as a lookalike of what we wish to have access to, Augmented Reality enhances already existing assets to improve usage. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in mobile development are great for ecommerce apps, diagnostic support apps, interior décor apps, travel apps, real estate apps and education apps.


2.) 5G Mobile Technology

Most mobile applications are leveraging on the ultra-fast 5G connection to create apps that deliver value in incredible speeds. This isn’t surprising, considering the fact that for an immersive experience on most mobile apps, consistent high speed internet is required. 5G mobile technologies is a trend that has come to stay and mobile app developers who have keyed in early enough are reaping the rewards.

5G connection has several benefits for mobile app development. Some of these advantages include:

  • 100x speed compared to 4G connection
  • High resolution with minimal latency
  • Super-fast performance
  • Near-instant data transfer between different gadgets
  • Fast mobile payment processing


3.) Improved Security Protocol

For 2024, security and privacy architecture has become more advanced than ever before. Security risks are higher which means mobile app development needs more defenses. Issues with data leak, unauthorized access and cyber attack malware require a critical approach.

In addition, several regulatory bodies have also tightened up their enforcement of data protection. These organizations include:

  • HIPAA – from the USA
  • GDPR – from European Union
  • CCPA – from the State of California


All mobile app developers must take these security concerns and regulations into consideration in 2024 and beyond. Security features like Multi-Factor Authentication, End-to-End Encryption, Regular Updates and Upgrades are some of the protocols required to keep mobile applications safe and effective for end users.

4.) Blockchain Technology

Leveraging Blockchain technology will see greater usage in 2024 and beyond. Its x Blockchain tech brings the security architecture of Crypto to mobile app development. It can be used in industries such as:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare Data Management
  • Supply and Procurement Management


5.) Mobile Ecommerce

Most purchases in ecommerce are done through smart phones. What does this imply? There is a huge market of end users interested in quick, seamless shopping from the comfort of their phones. Shopping from a phone is fast, convenient and simple. Mobile ecommerce will continue to experience higher usage as more and more people have access to smart devices. Therefore, mobile app developers should leverage the advantages of this increased focus to create apps that target their customer’s points of need. Mobile app examples to reference include Amazon, Target and Walmart apps which are all known for fast, secure and customer-centric personalization.


6.) Advancement in Wearable Gadgets

There have been an increased number of individuals owning one wearable gadget or the other on their person. Ear pods, fitness bands, health trackers, and smart watches are some of the wearable devices leveraging mobile app development in recent times. Since 2017, there has been an increased usage of these wearable devices and 2024 onward will see further market spread. More wearers will be able to use more mobile apps from their devices on their body. Expect more advancement in this industry in this year and beyond.


7.) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here comes the big one – A.I. Artificial Intelligence has come to stay and has increasingly become more developed over the year. For mobile app development, it will be no different in 2024 and beyond. Artificial Intelligence has a lot of use cases that are impactful in the mobile app development. Instances of AI use include:

  • Image recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Pattern recognition
  • Predictive learning
  • Face detection


Apple’s Alexa and Siri, Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s Gemini, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, etc are some examples of Artificial Intelligence in full use.

On a general note, mobile app development trends in 2024 are quite vast as technology is always rapidly changing. There are a lot of trends to look out for and keep in touch with to stay ahead of the competition. The above-listed trends are some of the most critical trends to consider this year.

As more changes come up, mobile app developers who key in quickly and efficiently will always have the advantage.

Nitesh Keshvala
Written By Nitesh Keshvala iOS - Team Lead

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