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7 Proven Strategies for Building Secure Mobile Applications

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January 16, 2023
building secure mobile applications
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In today’s digital era, mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our daily life. From banking and shopping to social media and entertainment, we rely on mobile apps for a wide range of activities.

However, as the use of mobile apps continues to grow, so does the need for robust mobile app security. With cybercriminals constantly looking for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps, it’s crucial for app developers to prioritize security when building their apps.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of mobile application security and discuss some of the key strategies for ensuring that your mobile app is as secure as possible. From understanding the basics of application security to implementing the latest security measures in mobile application development, this post will provide valuable insights for anyone looking to build a secure mobile app.

So, whether you’re a developer, a business owner, or a consumer, this post will help you understand the importance of mobile app security and what you can do to protect yourself.

With the increasing use of mobile devices and the proliferation of mobile apps, ensuring the security of these apps has become more important than ever. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps, making it essential for developers to stay one step ahead.

Here are 7 ways to build a more secure mobile application:

1. Use Secure Network Communication

When sensitive information is transmitted over the internet, it can be intercepted by malicious actors who can steal or misuse it. To prevent this, it is important to use secure protocols to encrypt the data in transit. This ensures that even if the data is intercepted, it will be unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have the encryption key.

Using secure network communication also means that the app should not store sensitive information within the app itself. Instead, it should be stored on the server, where it can be protected by additional security measures such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. This way, even if the app is compromised, the sensitive information will remain safe.

use secure network

2. Implement Strong Authentication and Authorization

Another key aspect of building a secure mobile app is to implement strong authentication and authorization mechanisms. This can include using multi-factor authentication, such as a combination of a password and a fingerprint or facial recognition, to ensure that only authorized users can access the app.

Implement proper access controls, such as role-based access, to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data or performing certain actions within the app.

3. Use Secure Data Storage

To ensure that sensitive data is not intercepted or stolen by malicious actors, it is important to use secure data storage within the app. This can include using encryption to protect data both in transit and at rest, as well as using secure key management systems to manage and protect encryption keys.

Consider using secure cloud storage services, such as AWS or Azure, to store and protect data in the cloud.

4. Perform Regular Security Audits and Testing

To ensure that the app remains secure over time, it is important to perform regular security audits and testing. This can include penetration testing, which simulates attacks on the app to identify vulnerabilities, as well as code reviews, to ensure that the app’s code is free of any security flaws.

Monitor the app for any signs of suspicious activity, such as unauthorized access or data breaches, and take appropriate action to address any issues that are identified.

security audits and testing

5. Keep Software and Libraries Up to Date

To ensure that the app remains secure, it is important to keep all software and libraries up to date. This includes updating the app’s operating system, as well as any third-party libraries or frameworks that the app uses.

Monitor for any security vulnerabilities that are identified in the software and libraries that the app uses and take appropriate action to address them.

6. Use Secure Development Practices

To build a secure mobile app, it is important to use secure development practices throughout the development process. This includes using a secure development lifecycle (SDL) to guide the development process, as well as using secure coding practices, such as input validation, to ensure that the app is free of any security flaws.

Use security testing tools, such as static analysis and dynamic analysis, to ensure that the app is secure before it is released to the public.

7. Use Secure APIs

To ensure that the app can securely communicate with other systems, it is important to use secure APIs. This includes using API keys or tokens to authenticate and authorize access to the API, as well as using encryption to protect data in transit.

Use API management tools, such as API Gateway, to monitor and secure access to the API.
So, this is how you can build a secure app, you can also hire our expert Android and iOS app developer to build your amazing app.

use secure network communication

Bonus Takeaway!

Apart from the above points, make sure to prevent malicious viruses from gaining access to sensitive data or performing unauthorized actions. For that, it is important to limit the permissions that the app requests. This includes only requesting the minimum number of permissions necessary for the app to function, and not requesting any unnecessary permissions.


Securing mobile apps is an ongoing process that requires a combination of secure coding practices. By following these steps, you can help to protect their mobile apps from cyber threats and keep user data safe.

If you’re looking to build a secure mobile app, it’s essential to work with a reputable mobile application development service that has a proven track record of delivering secure and reliable apps.

Such a service will have the expertise and experience necessary to guide you through the development process and ensure that your app is built with the latest security measures and best practices in mind.

So why not take a step towards creating a secure mobile app Contact us today, and let’s start the journey of secure mobile application development for you.

Haresh Vidja
Written By Haresh Vidja Tech Lead

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