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Build Real-Time Application with Node.js; A complete Guide

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July 22, 2022
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In this article, you will get to know what a real-time app is and what work Node.js do in a real-time app? Let’s move forward.

What is the Purpose of a Real-Time App?

There are many functions that a real-time app can do within a specific period. But the user seems it has occurred in real-time or instantly. Some eCommerce transactions, Community storage solutions, chatting, instant messaging, video conference apps, and online gaming are among the best instances of real-time apps.

How does Node.js work in Real-Time Apps?

Those applications that require speed and where scalability is the main focus; there comes Node.js which provides support with its features of event-driven and non-blocking I/O.

It involves a constant two-way connection to applications such as social media, forums, ad servers, and stock exchange software. Node-js is scalable and quick. It is pondered as the technology of choice for real-time, data-intensive apps, and IoT devices.

WebCodeGenie is a well-known Node.js development company in India that is following the best programming practices for each project. You can hire Node.js developers in India for building an app or web that utilizes nodes. With this Node.js web development service, the server and client can exchange data and communicate freely.

Cons of Node.js for Real-Time Application Development

Some of its advantages are discussed here.

Node.js Supports an Event-Based Server

All the real-time applications handle many real-time users. Node.js development helps in those responses that are dependable on the event-driven server.

Data Sync

Node.js development company India is properly using the non-blocking I/O feature. It helps in data transmission quickly between server and client.

Scalability and Quick

Node is a program that is based on JavaScript; it can run the application faster than JS. So, it can easily deal with many clients’ requests; as it has an application having a single-threaded model and event loop.

Sharing and reusing feature

Node is a programming language that is based on real-time programming language; assisting the microservice architecture. All Node.js web development service providers can use library code again and share it in several projects. However; it fosters productivity and saves time for the developers.

SEO Friendly

An app that is SEO friendly and has Node in development; can render increased engagement and more site visibility.

Such applications receive user experience, high speed, and high-end performance that help to rank according to SEO.

Node.js as a Proxy Server

A node can serve well when there is a need for intermediary admins. If there is a need to use Node.js as a proxy server, hire Node.js developers in India that can add 20-line code to make your app/web ideal. After adding the code data can stream from different sources.

Applicability of Node.js for Real-Time Application Development

Its applicable frameworks can be Feather.JS or Express. JS. Feather.JS feature good Socket.IO integration. An easy chat app requires the Socket IO library and Express.JS framework along with Node.js.


It works as a JavaScript library while working with real-time web apps. It serves as a bi-directional and real-time connection between server and web client while assisting developers. Here browser works as a client-side library and Node.js as a server-side library.

They both have the same API; which is event-driven. WebCodeGenie is a Node.js development company in India that works for Node.js API development. The Socket.IO offers document collaboration, binary streaming, real-time analytics, and instant messaging. WebCodeGenie is serving in Node.js API development globally.


It works as a Node.js framework to organize the routing of the app. It can align with any templating solution. Expree.JS is used to increase Node.js’ basic functionality that also allows for better code organization.

Node.js is perfect for Real-Time App Development

Node.js is perfect for Real-Time App Development such as gaming and chat applications. It can highly assist those programs that need a non-blocking-driven server and an event-based server.

Haresh Vidja
Written By Haresh Vidja Tech Lead

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